eMirror Vol 25, No. 40 (2021-10-01)

Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi demonstrating enso, 1988, Zazen-ji
Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi demonstrating enso,
1988, Zazen-ji

eMirror Vol 25, No. 40

Friday, October 1st, 2021
Edited by the Practice Council

The White Wind Zen Community:
An international community practising and teaching Dogen’s Zen since 1985.

In the Abhidharma the sense bases and sense fields, the seeing and the seen, the hearing and the heard, the feeling and the sensation, the tasting and the flavour, the smelling and the fragrance, the capacity to think and feel and cognitions are said to arise together. These are known as the twelve ayatanas or spheres and describe your experience as an array of interactions. Sometimes the tradition will speak of eighteen ayatanas by adding the sensory consciousnesses. This way of speaking of things by numbering them has sometimes become a way of dividing what is being spoken of into more and more components such that it can reinforce our sense of a gap between ourselves and what is seen, ourselves and what is heard. However this comes from the delusion that there is someone doing the seeing who has to reach out at the seen with the seeing or who has the seen flung up against the seeing and has to squint. The heavy handedness, the awkwardness, the impulsiveness, the confusion that is the inevitable consequence of so misunderstanding our lives can be found everywhere. The histories of all human cultures, of economics, of politics, of arts have all been tragically stained by this misunderstanding just as it is the reason for every headline and article in the newspapers and Web pages today and every day. Even the weather has not been unaffected by the passion, aggression, and stupidity of self-image. However, the original point of such descriptions was to delineate and highlight the nuances of intimacy.

The fact is that we live as a series of spheres of interactions, of intimacies, of activities. The bodymind is a way of experiencing, the range of experiences that arise are the world. The bodymind itself is experienced, is arising within experiencing. Each way of experiencing, whether seeing or hearing, whether as this bodymind or that, whether as an animal, a plant, a cell, the interactions between sub-atomic particles or waves within a stone, or at the heart of a star are all ways of experiencing. None of them are what Experiencing in itself is. And so the fact is that we live as the direct display of what can never be reduced to any experience at all. The fact is that our lives are a great question and mystery. When we recognize this then we can live our lives as a process of answering.

-Ven Anzan Hoshin roshi, continuing Class One: "Flowering of the Senses" in the series "Zen Arts: The Flowering of the Senses", October 1999 Daruma-ki O-sesshin, Dainen-ji.

Upcoming Events

October 6th and 20th and November 3rd.

Daruma-ki O-sesshin
The Daruma-ki O-sesshin began on Friday, October 1st, at 8:00 p.m. It will end on Friday, October 8th at noon.

A Note to Preliminary and Public Students Concerning O-sesshin
During an O-sesshin the schedule is such that there is no time to do telephone interviews or reply to email correspondence sent by public students. Public students are asked to send their weekly practice journals, as they will be reviewed. But unless there is something that needs an immediate reply, you will not receive an email reply until the week following the O-sesshin.

The Roshi is currently in an extended period of "self-isolation" due to underlying health issues until the COVID-19 situation clarifies.

Beginning Instruction in Zen Practice:
For information concerning our Long-distance Training Program, please visit this Web Page: https://wwzc.org/long-distance-training-program

Samu Weekend Report
by Ven. Saigyo ino

Over the weekend of Saturday, September 25th and Sunday, September 26th we held a Samu Weekend to continue with the project in the grounds to build rock gardens to replace the water garden. Although we had to keep the numbers of participants quite low during the on-going pandemic, a tremendous amount of work was done to move rock, build new pathways and add soil and mulch to the newly built beds. Thank you to the Roshi and Jinmyo sensei for all of their design input to the layout of the grounds and to the Sensei for making the lovely midday meals enjoyed by those students who stayed for the full days of work. Thank you to the following students for offering samu over the two days: Mishin godo, Fushin shramon, Ryoshin, Leonardo Nobrega, David Gallant, Chantal Maheu, Tarik Kaya, Carol Hodgson, George Donovan, Sarah Goul, Jesse Steinburg, Loic-Alexandre Ouellette, Kathleen Johnson, Shannon Morphew, Matt Broda, Marc Valade, Sam MacFarlane and Jean-Francois St-Louis. 

Request for assistance with landscaping in the front garden

A large project to landscape the front gardens is underway at Dainen-ji after the water gardens were removed due to damage and the amount of yearly upkeep required to keep it functional. Much work has already been done but there is still a great deal to do, so if any students can offer time to assist with this project please write to Saigyo ino at saigyo.cross@gmail.com. Thank you. 


Rev. Chiso anagarika sat her weekly semi-retreat on Tuesday, September 28th at her home in the Berkshires. Ian Richard sat a two-day retreat on Sunday, September 26th and Monday, September 27th at his home in Ottawa, Ontario. Julien Jefferson sat a half-day retreat on Thursday, September 30th at his home in Ottawa, Ontario. Beth Buerkle sat a half-day retreat on Thursday, September 30th at her home Chamcook, New Brunswick

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, it is not possible at this time to schedule retreats in the monastery. If you would like to sit a retreat at home please follow the schedule outlined in this page:  https://wwzc.org/retreat-schedule-public-students.

Recorded Teachings Schedule

Saturday, Ocotber 2nd to Saturday, October 9th

Saturday, October 2nd: "Drawn In, Moving Forth": Zen Master Anzan Hoshin's Commentaries on Eihei Dogen zenji's “Bendowa: A Talk on Exerting the Way”: "Reading of Bendowa part one" (1 of 28)
Monday, October 4th: “Every Breath You Take” by Ven. Shikai Zuiko o-sensei: "Seeing a Gathering of People" (Dharma Talk 57)
Thursday, October 7th: "The Touchstone 20, Fudo Myo-o (part 2)" by Ven. Jinmyo Renge sensei
Saturday, October 9th: “"Drawn In, Moving Forth": Zen Master Anzan Hoshin's Commentaries on Eihei Dogen zenji's “Bendowa: A Talk on Exerting the Way”: "Reading of Bendowa part two" (2 of 28)

Listening to Teisho and Dharma Talks

​Associate and general students should continue to follow the recorded Teachings schedule for the sitting you were attending at the monastery, and listen to that during your home practice.

You can access the online Recorded Teachings Library at wwzc.org/recorded-teachings-schedule. 

You can also use the streaming site at app.wwzc.org to live stream recordings from the online Library. If you have forgotten your password or need assistance with accessing the recorded Teachings, please email schedule@wwzc.org.

Please note that teisho should be listened to in the correct order and with none missed out as themes, metaphors, questions raised and answered evolve in spirals throughout the series.


Photograph of Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi at Daijozan, mid-1980s, by Ven. Shikai Zuiko sensei
Photograph of Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi at Daijozan, mid-1980s,
by Ven. Shikai Zuiko sensei


Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi has recently completed translation work on some shorter texts by Eihei Dogen zenji from the Shobogenzo. The work on these particular texts is based upon the literal translations that he worked on with Joshu Dainen roshi at Hakukaze-ji around 1977-78 followed by many years of putting them down, picking them up, and polishing. Naturally, more essential texts such as Uji, Genjokoan, Shinjin Gakudo and some 40 others were completed first and have been given extensive commentaries by the Roshi. This batch of texts includes Baike: Plum Blossoms, Ryugin: Howling Dragon, and Udonge: The Udumbara Blossoming and many others are nearing completion. Many of these will be posted on our website over the next few months.

Newly-Presented Teachings

During the January 2020 Sesshin, Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi presented the following teisho as part of the ongoing series, "The Lineage of Luminosity: Part Two: The Lineage in China”:
          January 11th: “Rujing's Broken Broom of Mu”.
During the December 2019 Rohatsu O-sesshin, Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi presented the following teisho as part of the ongoing series, "The Lineage of Luminosity, Part Two: The Lineage in China”:
          December 2nd: Rujing’s Plum Blossoms Again
          December 3rd: Rujing’s Flower for Pindola
          December 4th: Rujing’s Painting Plum Blossoms
          December 5th: Rujing’s Frogs and Worms
Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi presented the following teisho during the November Sesshin, as part of the ongoing series, "The Lineage of Luminosity: Part Two: The Lineage in China”:
          November 9th: Rujing and the Old Plum Tree

Dharma Talk by Ven. Jinmyo Renge sensei Posted on the WWZC Website

Dharma Talk Presented by Ven. Jinmyo Renge sensei on the occasion of receiving Inka: “Receiving the Dharma Seal: Hekiganroku Case 2: Zhaozhou’s ‘The Vast Way is Without Difficulty’”, Dainen-ji, Sogaku O-sesshin, Thursday May 20th 2021.
Read the transcript: Receiving the Seal
Listen to the recording (accessible only to students of this Lineage): Receiving the Seal

Recorded Teachings for Public Access

While most of the online Recorded Teachings library is password-protected and only accessible to students of Zen Master Anzan Hoshin, a small selection of MP3 recordings of teisho are accessible to the public at https://wwzc.org/recorded-teachings. Additional recordings will be uploaded periodically.

MP3 recordings of five teisho are currently available:

Dharma Position https://wwzc.org/dharma-position
Eyes See, Ears Hear https://wwzc.org/eyes-see-ears-hear
Embarrassment https://wwzc.org/embarrassment
Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi's reading of his translation of Eihei Dogen zenji's “Bendowa: A Talk on Exerting the Way” https://wwzc.org/bendowa-talk-exerting-way



Painted Cakes
(do not satisfy hunger)

Begun by Ven. Shikai Zuiko o-sensei
Finished by Rev. Fushin Comeau shramon following her death

Continuing on with “Painted Cakes: A Zen Dictionary” a limited edition text written by Anzan Hoshin roshi in the 1980s and last revised in 1994.

Shukuen (J) Residual connections or background from previous lives.

Posted October 1st, 2021. New entries are posted every two weeks.

From Dainen-ji's rooftop garden, Photograph by Ven. Mishin Roelofs godo
From Dainen-ji's rooftop garden,
Photograph by Ven. Mishin Roelofs godo

Office of the Tenzo

Dogen zenji taught in the Tenzo kyokun: Instructions for the Tenzo (https://wwzc.org/dharma-text/tenzo-kyokun-instructions-tenzo) that the work of preparing and serving meals is "a matter for realized monks who have the mind of the Way or by senior disciples who have roused the Way-seeking mind." In alignment with this, part of Zen Master Anzan Hoshin's samu for the Community involves personally overseeing the activities of the ancient office of tenzo. Ven. Jinmyo Renge sensei serves as tenzo and Mishin godo and Saigyo ino offer assistance as tenzo-anja. The following meals were prepared for residents on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Monday Yakuseki:
‘Grilled cheese sandwiches’ (naan flatbreads topped with caramelized onion and sliced, friulano cheese) baked in the oven; tomato soup (blended cooked carrot, onion, celery, garlic, tomato juice, thyme, oregano, lots of black pepper, red balsamic vinegar, a little cream; gherkins.

Tuesday Yakuseki:
Mixed grain (Calrose short-grain white rice, arborio rice, pearled barley, basmati rice); miso shiru (kombu seaweed, reconstituted shitake mushrooms and soaking liquid, shoyu, thinly sliced ginger, mirin, shitake stock, shiro (white) miso); karaage (deep-fried battered chicken); sliced tonkatsu (deep-fried breaded pork); tsukune (chicken meatballs); dipping sauce of minced ginger, shoyu, rice vinegar, mirin, sesame oil; vegetarian option was deep-fried tofu in a chili sauce; salad of Romaine lettuce, red and green leaf lettuce, celery, radishes, tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, dressed with white balsamic vinegar.

Thursday Yakuseki:
Biriyani (cooked basmati rice, caramelized onions, sauteed diced carrots, sauteed chopped potatoes, peas, turmeric, cayenne, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, ginger; butternut squash soup (blended butternut squash, Madras curry powder, a little cream); Napa cabbage salad with a dressing made from lime pickle, mayonnaise and lime juice.


Roshi bowing in gassho

Thank You

If you would like to thank someone for a contribution they have made, please feel free to send an email to Jinmyo osho at rengezo at Gmail dot com, but be sure to type "eMirror" in the subject line.

From Anzan Hoshin roshi:
My thanks and deep gassho to all who participated in the recent Samu Weekend, especially to Saigyo ino for organizing and overseeing it. And, as always, to Mishin godo for her ongoing samu as treasurer. 

From Mishin godo:
Thank you to the Roshi for having established this monastery and environment of practice and monastic training, and for the treasury of teisho and classes presented over these past three decades and more.

From Frank Tettsu Woods:
Thank you Kail for following through for so regularly ordering food shopping online. It has been a lifeline. This continued for over eighteen months - right through Covid lock-down.
And thank you for forwarding the eMirror, when technical issues prevented my receiving it.

From Sarah Goul:
Thank you to the Office of the Tenzo for a delicious Saturday lunch during the Samu Weekend. Thank you to Ino for organizing the Fall Samu Weekend, which included the opportunity to work in the monastery grounds and to be around other Sangha members for the first time since COVID-19 became a thing. Thank you to Fushin Sharmon for a fun Samu Day together moving rocks and dirt from A to B, resulting in a pretty wall for the waterless stream. Thank you to everyone who was present on Saturday - I enjoyed seeing you.