eMirror Vol 23, No. 42 (2019-10-18)


Master Mazu Daoyi
Master Mazu Daoyi

eMirror Vol 23, No. 42

Friday, October 18th, 2019
Edited by Ven. Jinmyo Renge osho

The White Wind Zen Community:
An international community practising and teaching Dogen’s Zen since 1985.

Great Master Ma says, “All sentient beings never leave the samadhi of dharmata.” But as the history of human civilizations and today’s news show us, very few choose to enter and receive the samadhi of dharmata and to realize and actualize it. And yet dharmata is always already open, always rolling out and rolling in as myriads of colours and forms and sounds and sensations and worlds and spaces and beings. When we look up and see the morning star as did Sakyamuni Buddha on that morning beneath the bodhi-tree we are actually looking at the planet Venus. When we look south and see a band of stars across the sky we are seeing a fraction of the stars that make up the spiral arm of the galaxy that Earth and our solar system arises within and there are streams and bands of galaxies rolling within vast space far beyond. Whatever we can see is not something else outside of us because it arises within experiencing. And we are not outside of it because we are standing here within it.

All throughout the Dharmadhatu, the Total Field of All Possible Experiences, the samadhi of dharmata is at play. It is here as the tips of your fingers and the calluses on the heels of your feet. It is here as whatever is here and is here itself. And yet dharmata itself is never anything that becomes present. Whatever appears to be present is already rolling away and vanishing into the non-existence of the past. Whatever appears to be present is only the rolling edgeless edge of the non-existent future. Nothing is ever present but is only presencing. This presencing is itself dharmata. Dharmata is the essential reality, that which is most true of each and of all dharmas, of all knowns and of ways of knowing. But there is something vaster than even dharmata and that is the luminosity of Awareness in itself that is radiant as dharmata. And that vastness is also here as the tips of your fingers and the calluses on the heels of your feet.

-Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi, beginning teisho 4: "This is Not the Samadhi of Dharmata," Monday, December 6, 2004 in the teisho series "Essentially Real: Commentaries on Eihei Dogen zenji’s 'Hossho: Dharmata'."

Upcoming Events

October 30th.

Shukke-tokudo and Shuso-hossen for Ven. Endai Mayeda shramon
For various reasons this has been postponed until Rohatsu O-sesshin.

Dharma Assembly
On Saturday, October 19th, Ven. Jinmyo Renge osho will lead a Dharma Assembly, which will begin at 9:30 a.m. (please arrive by 9:15, in time for first Bell) and will end at 9:00 p.m. Dana is $40.00, which includes two meals: lunch and supper. Participants are asked to bring clothing and shoes appropriate for samu practice. To register, please send an email to schedule at wwzc dot org or leave a message on the office answering machine at 613-562-1568. Dharma Assemblies are open to all students.
Note: The 9:30 a.m. general sitting that would ordinarily take place on October 19th is cancelled owing to the Dharma Assembly.

Recent Changes in Monastic Training Posts

During the Daruma-ki O-sesshin, there were the following changes:  Mishin ino began training as Godo and Saigyo tando began training as Ino.


Marc Valade sat a one-day retreat on Thursday, October 17th. Thach My began a retreat on the evening of Thursday, October 17th which concludes with attending the Dharma Assembly on Saturday, October 19th.

To Schedule a Retreat
Please visit this Web page for information about scheduling a retreat and an explanation of the different kinds of retreat (duration and timing) you can sit: https://wwzc.org/retreats. Please note that retreats should be scheduled one week in advance.

Public students sitting retreats should send an email to schedule@wwzc.org to confirm they sat a retreat so that notice of it can be included in the eMirror. Please include the location of the retreat and the duration.

Newly Presented Teachings


  • Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi presented the following teisho during the October Daruma-ki O-sesshin, as part of the ongoing series, "The Lineage of Luminosity: Part Two: The Lineage in China”:
    • October 7th: Rujing and the Stainless
    • October 8th: Rujing, the Abbot of Tiantong part 1
    • October 9th: Rujing, the Abbot of Tiantong part 2
    • October 10th: Rujing’s Windbell
  • On Saturday, September 14th during the September sesshin, Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi presented the Reading of Denkoroku Case 51: Tiantong Rujing as part of the ongoing series, "The Lineage of Luminosity: Part Two: The Lineage in China.”
  • On Saturday, August 24th, Ven. Jinmyo Renge osho-ajari presented the Dharma Talk “The Sky Sits Up Straight”, the first presentation in “The Sky Around the Clouds”, a new series of Dharma Talks.
  • On Saturday, August 10th during the August sesshin, Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi presented the teisho “Zhijian's Concealed and Unconcealed” as part of the ongoing series, "The Lineage of Luminosity: Part Two: The Lineage in China.”
  • During Yaza on Saturday, July 13th, Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi presented the teisho “Yaza: The Buddha and the Lies”.

Recorded Teachings Schedule


  • Sunday, October 20th: SAkN “Root Cycle Three: Aware Space" by Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi: “Expanse” (teisho 6 of 8)
  • Monday, October 21st: "The Sky Around the Clouds, part 2": Dharma Talk by Ven. Jinmyo Renge osho-ajari
  • Thursday, October 24th: "The Sky Around the Clouds, part 2": Dharma Talk by Ven. Jinmyo Renge osho-ajari
  • Saturday, October 26th: "The Sky Around the Clouds, part 2": Dharma Talk by Ven. Jinmyo Renge osho-ajari

Missed Sittings and Teisho

If associate students are unable to attend the Thursday evening associate sitting, they may attend one of the general sittings to make up for the sitting they missed. General sittings are held on Monday evenings at 7:30 p.m. (first Bell is at 7:15) and Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m. (first Bell at 9:15 a.m.). Please send an email to request permission to attend one of these sittings.        

Teisho presented at general and associate sittings which are part of a series need to be listened to in the correct order and with none missed out. If you miss a sitting please borrow a copy of the missed teisho from the library or download it from the WWZC Media Site as soon as possible, so that the continuity of what is being presented is not disrupted. The weekly list of recorded teisho played at sittings is posted on the web site at:

Online Access to Recorded Teachings

Students can access the password-protected online Recorded Teachings library on the WWZC website at https://wwzc.org/recorded-teachings or through the streaming site at http://app.wwzc.org. The custom-built media streaming site allows students to live stream recordings from the WWZC Recorded Teachings collection. It is optimized for use on smartphones and tablets, and works with most modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It can also be used on desktops.

WWZC Website


Newly Added Recorded Teachings for Associate and General Students

MP3 of “Yaza: The Buddha and the Lies”: Yaza: The Buddha and the Lies

Recorded Teachings for Public Access

While most of the online Recorded Teachings library is password-protected and only accessible to students of Zen Master Anzan Hoshin, a small selection of MP3 recordings of teisho are accessible to the public at https://wwzc.org/recorded-teachings. Additional recordings will be uploaded periodically.

MP3 recordings of five teisho are currently available:


Roof Repair and Essential Repairs to the Hojo (Abbot’s Quarters)



Essential repairs are needed to the Hojo (Abbot’s Quarters), and we are in the process of planning how we can best proceed with this large project. The needed work includes replacing the roof over that area of the building, taking down the ceiling in the Hojo washroom to repair interior damage and properly insulate, and address structural problems (extremely uneven floors, and ventilation, plumbing, and electrical issues). We have received quotations for much of the work but are still waiting on some information. We will be providing the Sangha with a detailed plan breaking the work into phases, along with the amount that must be fundraised.

The image above shows the icicle that forms every winter on the roof of the Hojo. It is often over 20 feet long and is causing damage to the exterior trim and roof line and may be causing interior damage and mould inside the walls.


Painted Cakes
(do not satisfy hunger)

by Ven. Shikai Zuiko sensei

Continuing on with “Painted Cakes: A Zen Dictionary” a limited edition text written by Anzan Hoshin roshi in the 1980s and last revised in 1994.

Shashu (J) The hand gesture used in walking or standing practice. The right hand is formed into a loose fist and is covered by the left, with the left thumb held inside the right fist, hands held at the diaphragm.

Questions can be sent to me, Shikai sensei, at shikai.sensei@gmail.

New Range of Incense For Sale

A wide assortment of incense is now available for sale in the first floor library. The selection includes incense suitable for regular use during zazen, premium incense, gift sets including incense holders, and a variety of small fragrant sachets perfect for any area that needs a fresh scent. 

Japanese cast iron pot with wooden cover

Office of the Tenzo

Dogen zenji taught in the Tenzokyokun that the work of preparing and serving meals is "a matter for realized monks who have the mind of the Way or by senior disciples who have roused the Way-seeking mind." In alignment with this, part of Zen Master Anzan Hoshin's samu for the Community involves personally overseeing the activities of the ancient office of tenzo. Ven. Jinmyo Renge osho serves as tenzo and Mishin ino and Saigyo tando offer assistance as tenzo-anja.

Monday Yakuseki
Roasted ‘little gem’ potatoes; Field Roast vegetarian “Italian sausages” and “smoked applesauce sausages” with chopped Spanish onions, cubanelle, poblano and red shepherd bell peppers in a sauce made from chipotle barbeque sauce mixed with garlic and onion powder and red balsamic vinegar; roasted cremini and shitake mushrooms with chili oil.

Tuesday Yakuseki
Peameal bacon roasted in the oven, sliced, and then finished off on the griddle; green cabbage coleslaw (julienned cabbage, white onion, and carrot, mayonnaise, much horseradish, dijon mustard, lime juice, salt and pepper); tomato soup (sauteed chopped onion, reconstituted porcini mushrooms, carrot, celery and garlic, cooked and then blended with tomato juice, seasoned with basil, lots of black pepper, a little oregano, red cooking wine, garlic and red balsamic vinegar); fresh rolls with butter. 

Thursday Yakuseki
Mixed grain (brown rice and barley with baby green peas and butter); cream of vegetable soup with goat cheese and chickpeas (blended cooked cauliflower, carrots, white onion, celery, butternut squash, chickpeas, garlic, thyme, lots of black pepper, and a chunk of goat cheese dissolved into the soup, garnished with a dusting of Parmesan cheese; black olives, artichoke hearts and tomato spears.

Baking by Shikai sensei:
Oat cookies with chocolate chips and toasted coconut strips; Grapefruit pie with whipped cream garnished with candied grapefruit.


Monk with begging hat

Thank You

If you would like to thank someone for a contribution they have made, please feel free to send an email to Jinmyo osho at rengezo at Gmail dot com, but be sure to type "eMirror" in the subject line.

From Mishin godo:
Thank you to Shikai sensei for baking a grapefruit pie with dried candied grapefruit peel. Thank you to Endai shramon for repairing a broken element on the stove. Thank you to Claude Schryer for weekly samu. Thank you to Ian Richard for working on updating the teisho database. 

From Endai shramon:
Thank you to the Roshi for a translation of "Basics of Entering the Path", a text attributed to the Fourth Ancestor Dayi Daoxin, read by the Roshi during O-sesshin last week. Thank you to Shikai sensei for the "Every Breath You Take" series of Dharma Talks, which are her commentary on "The Practice of Purity", Book Eleven of the Avatamsaka Sutra, and which are played at the associate and general sitting held during O-sesshin.

Ongoing Project:
"All is Change"

Dainen-ji, being a 140-year-old building, is continuously in need of maintenance and the costs associated with this can be astronomical when such things as porch repairs or exterior painting are needed. This is something that we cannot afford to do, yet must do and so the "All is Change" project has been created. The "All is Change" project is very simple. Most of us have a bowl or a jar or some other kind of container that we keep somewhere at home and fill up with loose change because it's too heavy to carry around. Several hundred dollars has been collected so far both in loose change and Canadian tire money which has been put towards the building maintenance fund. If anyone would like to contribute to this fund, each penny will be appreciated. The “All is Change” container is on the wooden wall shelf under the Sangha Board in the cloak room.